Best Gaming PC Buying Guide:What To Look For

When you decide to buy a gaming pc there would be a lot of options that would come to your mind and confuse you. It is important to know about the specifications of the PC in order to enhance their experience in gaming. There are many features that you need to be aware of like the gaming card what type of CPU should you get, would there be any upgradability, it’s Tower size and a lot more other things. Don’t waste your money and get low-quality experience while you are playing Star Wars Battlefront 2. Instead, know the Ins and out for buying the gaming desktop. The below are some of the things mentioned which you need to take care of.

A classy design

You would surely want a design that would highlight its look and would portray as a showpiece. A Design which would be complemented by all your friends whenever they come over for playing the game. Search designs are made available to you by the companies like Maingear and Origin PC. Also, you would want everything in your budget so that it does not put a hole in your pocket. A system with custom paint jobs, liquid cooling, see-through Windows and colored cables would be just some options in order to create your design the best. Search find designs would be available with respect to the origin PC Millennium at a custom paint job of $ 250 and overall at $ 353 along with the interior liquid cooling. The question of the PC would depend upon the finally that you want to install.

The size matters

The size of the PC would depend on the space that is available with you in the room for gaming. There are many sizes available for the PC as well so you need to choose according to what would suit you. Desktop does come in sizes like the mid tower, mini tower, small form factors and some that would take various levels of space. Maingear Rush super stock would provide you with an average size full Tower with a height of 24 inches and would stand vertically on the floor.

The Mid Tower would come in an average height of 18 inches. This would prove to be more economical for you and you still would have a lot of space to save and a whole lot of Bells to ring. Where is the mini tower would have the average height of 12 inches? It would obviously be taking less of your space and would also offer less space for your upgrades. Although you would get more space for other things you won’t be able to get more for the configurations.

A full Tower would be having all the components that you require. It would have an extended ATX motherboard, 3 GPUs, and Storage for all your configurations. The designing part would also be on point along with plenty of fans and liquid cooling pipes with lighting. Small form factor pieces would also be a good choice it would come in many shapes and sizes. You would be able to adjust them just like your PS4 or Xbox One. It won’t be taking much of your space and would of some good portion for a powerful PC title.

if you are thinking for the last hours do keep in mind that it would take up that much amount of your money. This is because it would come along with a ton of goods and won’t be at a reasonable price. So I would suggest for a mid or minitower so that it doesn’t take up much of your space in the room and in your pockets.

A smooth performer

Of course, you want your FPS to be smooth and work flexibly. Be it virtual gaming or a traditional gaming, the PC that I would recommend would be an AMD’s Polaris Nvidia Pascal GPUs. It might cost you a little more in this but you will definitely get the results and its performance. For having 90 FPS and a power play you need to open up your pockets to have the proper feel of virtual gaming.

If you have a tight budget then you could go for Nvidia’s new GTX 1050 or 1050 Ti GPUs. This would cost you around $ 150 and it would come in your budget as well. For the video rampart, I would suggest that you need to go for 8GB at least in order to get better experience and storage. For the games like Battlefield 1 and Witcher 3, you need to have a RAM with higher frame rates for better performance. CPU intensive and would need higher storage.

For the part of the processors, we would strongly recommend models of Intel. The Intel Pentium G4560 would cost you around $ 85 for an entry level range and AMD Ryxen 3 1300X would cost you around $ 130 for a mid range system. The best and Powerful that you can get is the 8th gen core i7 Processor which would take away your $ 350.

The needs for VR

Some of my recommendations for the VR would be the Oculus Rift. Its Minimum requirements would include Intel Core I3 6100 or AMD FX 3450 CPU and also would need a proper amount of storage which would be 8GB of RAM. The RAM could be either of Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 GPU or AMD Radeon RX 470 GPU with at least the support of Windows 8. The Vive would require a higher level of entry and would require Windows 7 with other specifications.

Upgrade friendly PCs

With the changing Technology, I am sure that you want your PC to change as well and give you the best experience and performance. You should take PC which you would be able to configure it again. To buy one in which you can access the interior which would include the motherboard, RAM, GPU, drive bays and fans. Make it upgrade friendly so that you don’t need to spend more bucks on buying a new one.

Proper port

For the ports take one with the maximum ports and one that has USB type c and thunderbolt port. It should at least contain 6 USB 3.0 ports, 3 display ports, and an HDMI port. You would want all this in order to get the advantage of a fast transfer speed and a monitor with and hook up of 4K or 5K. So check properly for your requirements before you decide to buy.


First, you need to decide your budget and after that look for the various options that are available. The least that you could start with is $ 699 which would get you solid Tower with entry to mid-level specs and also enough ports. With a higher budget of around  $ 1000, you would be able to get one from mid to high level. This would include core i5 and Core i7 CPU with the RAM of 8GB. Thus it all depends on your budget and you can find all the types of PCs that you want.


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