Acer Aspire E 15 Reviews: Best Gaming Laptops Under 600 Dollars

Gaming laptops can be a real fun when it comes to actual gaming. For a gamer, getting a gaming laptop in possession is a dream. However, there are a few aspects that you must consider before buying the ultimate Gaming Laptop. Acer Aspire E 15 product reviews bring to you the actual features and specifications of the gaming laptop. We will also list down whether the product is a good gaming laptop under 600 or not.

Short Answer Time: Know Pros & Cons


  • 8th Generation Intel Core i5-8250U Processor provides an eminent gaming experience with non-stop sessions.
  • The display is an astonishing one with proper resolution and size that’s perfect for ideal gameplay.
  • Up to 15-hours of battery life with adaptor worth Watts 65 watts.


  • Freezing, hanging issues might be there with this product which requires customer care assistance.
  • Updates prove to be a little terrific when done after a long time.

Bottom Line

Overall, the product works just perfectly with high-tech specs and prodigious features. Gaming has never been this fun, but with this product, you will go through a session worth appreciating. However, ideal headphones are a must to take the gaming to another level.

 Eminent Processors

Set-up and think of the amount of money you can actually spend on a gaming laptop. Analyzing your budget and purchasing a laptop under it is crucial if you don’t want to end up broke. Also, your budget will enable you to ascertain what all components and features you can afford. Once you decide your budget, prioritize the features one by one and buy a gaming laptop accordingly. Processors are the first thing to be considered when you think of purchasing a gaming laptop.

8th Gen Intel Core i5-8250U processor is what this product is equipped with. This processor is one of the best and enables the users with swift gaming experiences. Also, the gamers don’t really have to wait for the freeze to get rectified.

Graphics Card Superiority

You must choose the most sought-after GPU according to your Gaming needs and tastes. A high end should be preferable only in limited cases. If you’re into stereoscopic 3D or if you wish to enable ant-aliasing, only then you should buy a high-end graphics card. Don’t forget to alter the game settings after you get hold of the new graphics card. Every gaming asset needs an appropriate graphics card. This laptop has NVIDIA MX150 graphics card owing to its superior graphics quality.

Also, the card instills a sense of gratification in the user’s mind due to its versatility and resolution offered.

Memory Stability

Memory and storage are some of the most crucial things in any gaming asset. You don’t want to end up out-of-space after buying a brand new gaming laptop. In order to prevent this, a detailed analysis of the memory possessed by every sorted gaming laptop is recommended. This product contains 8GB Dual Channel Memory & 256GB SSD which has the right amount of space for every game to get fit in.

Along with more space, the memory is long lasting, durable and viable. You don’t have to worry about any damage anywhere during usage.

 Ravishing Resolution for Realistic Sessions

Every detail of the Aspire E 15 Notebook has been carefully crafted for a clean and smooth look without unnecessary lines. Leap into Full HD action with NVIDIA GeForce MX150 Graphics with 2GB of discrete video memory making movies and games jump off the screen. Display of this product is worth appreciating with just the right size and resolutions.

15.6” Full HD (1920 x 1080) widescreen display equipped with vast memory and powerful graphics is a dream for every gamer! The product satisfies every need and has the capability to be listed amongst one of the eminent budget buys.

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After the detailed analysis, we find this Aver gaming laptop to be one of the most enthralling ones whenever gaming is concerned. If your sole purpose is to enjoy gaming to the fullest, you must go for this gaming laptop. More top 10 Guide about Gaming laptops under 600,  At


In total, the Acer product satisfies every criterion essential to be listed amongst best Gaming laptops under 600. Acer Aspire E 15 Product review brings you a detailed analysis of the specs and whether it’s worth buying or not. The outcome of this analysis is a positive one and the product is a must-buy for every gamer out there!

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